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Matti Carter is a composer, pianist and instructional author based in Finland. He has been pursuing music for over 20 years during which he has been involved in many music related endeavours.


His current music-related activities include: 

  • music composition

  • publishing music-related online guidance and instructional materials

  • teaching piano and performing as a pianist

His latest release is the new piano album "White Keys Omnibus".


Matti Carter began studying and playing the piano in 1998 at the age of six. The music of Frédéric Chopin was among his biggest influences, and Chopin still remains one of his favourite classical composers. 


His interest in music composition began as a hobby already at the age of eight, when he composed his first piece using rudimentary Midi composition and notation software. From 1998-2012 Matti attended several music schools in

Helsinki, where he studied piano, music theory and composition as well as attending several piano masterclasses organised by the Sibelius Academy. 


His period of national service in 2012 provided an opportunity to develop his accompaniment skills whilst performing as pianist for the Kaarti military band. In 2013 he moved to Tampere to study music composition, with classical piano as his main instrument. In 2017 he obtained a Bachelor of Music degree from Tampere University of Applied Sciences.


In 2016 Matti established his teaching business “Pianotunnit Tampere” in Tampere, Finland. He has been teaching regularly since then, and enjoys helping students achieve their musical goals. He is currently teaching 4 days per week, and is looking forward to growing the school. 

He is also publishing music related online guidance and instructional materials.

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