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• Learn to play accompaniment patterns

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Pianist's Handbook

​Pianist's Handbook is Matti Carter's new guide to piano playing and music theory. The book consists of:

  • 10 chapters on the basics of piano playing and music theory

  • 60 music theory and piano playing exercises consisting of 20 easy, 20 intermediate and 20 challenging exercises

  • 45 playable piano pieces divided into 15 easy, 15 intermediate and 15 challenging pieces

  • Notation examples and images

  • A list of different types of chords and their position on the keyboard

  • A list of intervals

  • 40 examples of typical accompaniment patterns

  • All the different major and minor scales, triad arpeggios and cadences for piano

  • An appendix listing common musical notation and vocabulary


Matti Carter - Waltz In D

Waltz In D is Matti Carter's new composition for the piano. Matti is visiting the studio in early 2019 for a recording session for his new piano-album, which will consist of several of his own compositions for piano, including this one. Click on the green button to listen to and download the demo version. You can also buy the sheet music.

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